We speak with the founder of Frequency H2O, Sturt Hinton, on creating a business around your passion, and what it takes to be successful.

Hello! What’s your background, and what is your business?

We create the finest waters on earth. Combine science and art we infuse naturally alkaline water with the sound and light frequencies of love, the moon and rainbows. We are the 2018 global gold medal winners and officially the best tasting water in the world.

What motivated you to get started with Frequency H2O?

I came up with the concept of infusing water with the sound and light frequencies in a quest to create the finest beverages on earth after recovering from deliberating depression. I believed by creating such a product I could hydrate the world with happiness whilst supporting causes that bring other men who suffer from similar experiences back from the brink, thereby lifting the spirit of the world.

Who is the ideal customer for Frequency H2O? Why would they benefit?

Its a mass market product that hits on several demos but primarily health conscious 20-45 year old men and women.

Looking back, how has your business evolved from initial idea to now?

I received the concept as a vision, it was a celebration of science art and H2O. Always was my quest to make the finest in the world, however I never saw it as a business it was pure passion and as a result I found it difficult to articulate what I was doing outside of the product, until I took some serious time to work on my vision mission and values. After I had worked that out (little late 3 years later) my business grew to a new level. It gave me a renewed direction, motivation, my marketing message became clearer and even my product made more sense to other people.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

You must have 100% faith in what you are doing. If it doesn’t set your soul on fire take some time to find out what will. This will be psychological warfare and if you don’t have complete conviction for what you’re doing it will make it so much more painful.


You must have 100% faith in what you are doing. If it doesn’t set your soul on fire take some time to find out what will.

How do you market Frequency H2O to attract new customers?

We have an influencer program that works like this. A VA in the Philippines who DM’s influencers in the health space based in AUS who have between 6K and 100K followers and ask them if they would accept stock in exchange for post.

This program I launched this August and to date seen nearly 100 influencers accept with a following of over 2,000,000. My target is 3,000,000 reach which we will smash. The average post reaches 28,000 people and all-inclusive average cost of $17 per influencer.

I employ a publicist to submit me for stories, interviews radio print podcasts.

Could you share with us how the idea for Frequency H2O came into your mind?

good year and the universe this question, “How can I use my special skills and talents to help more people and be of greater value and service to the world”. After a couple of business ideas, I had and tried to make work didn’t because they did not connect with me wholeheartedly, I decided to enjoy my time embracing my passions of science ancient history and personal development.

One night I was watching a documentary on quantum physics and saw how a Japanese artist used his thoughts to alter the molecular structure of water, he recorded this by taking pictures of the frozen water crystals, his pictures became a subculture pop hit called ‘Hidden Messages in Water”. As soon as i saw this I thought Frequency H2O. Every single day after that has been spent on making Frequency H2O a reality and my life forever altered.

What has been your biggest challenge as a business owner and how have you met that challenge?

After I won the global awards I hit a wall that my hustle could not smash though. I lacked the skills and talents to take it to the next level but I didn’t know that was the problem at the time and because I didn’t have the support structure in place from a mental physical and business mentoring perspective I got stuck in a place of fear and anxiety, under the stress and panic the growth of my business suffered I honestly felt it was going to collapse around me.

I stopped working out and taking care of myself, I got into a pretty dark hole that took some work to get out of. What happened was I handed over the problem to a higher power and I sort mentoring. I found that in a group called the Entourage, there i was able to up-skill and within a month I got my business and my health back on track and started kicking goals again.

What trends have you noticed in your industry, and how are you evolving to meet them?

From an overall quality and conceptual perspective, I honestly believe that Frequency H2O is break-neck speed ahead of the trend. However, staying ahead of myself is the key. We are looking into packaging innovations more sustainable materials and investing in technology to make it even tastier.

Have you had any mentors or role models that have influenced you? How have they helped?

I have had several mentors for different times in the rise of Frequency H2O. Mentors will come and go and you will out grow each other along the way, keep growing.

There is so much wisdom in others failures and success. Join an entrepreneur group up-skill daily. I cut out every piece of negativity and only had successful goal orientated people in my life which reduced my daily go to group to bout 5 people max.

What do you attribute your business success to?

1) Developing a product that delivers it’s promise to consumers.
2) Doing a job that sets my soul on fire.
3) Backbreaking hard work.
4) Faith.

If you weren’t involved with Frequency H2O, what would you be doing instead?

Waste management.

What is unique about your business?

The inventors of the worlds first Love, Lunar and Rainbow infused water. Officially the best tasting water in the world.

How did you get the background and skills necessary to run this type of business?

Multi award winning sales and marketing skills. Everything else is passion.

What do you wish someone told you, before you started Frequency H2O?

Upskill!! Don’t sit on your existing skill set. Get a business coach and join a entrepreneur group.

How did you acquire your first 20 customers?

After spending my life savings on research and development by production day i was broke homeless and could only afford to make 2 sample boxes of Frequency H2O. With my last $200 i bought a ticket to Sydney where in the middle of winter i put the water in a backpack and traversed the city on public transport selling to health food stores door to door.

I had 5 of the best health food stores in Sydney willing to stock but i couldn’t afford to manufacture, my brother gave me the down payment for my first pallet of stock and his ute to deliver it, so i built in one store at a time cold calling all over the city.

What are the main goals of Frequency H2O?

Hydrate the world with happiness. Export love lunar and rainbow infused water to health food stores in the USA, UK and China. Support companies that work toward reducing male suicide and raising awareness for men’s health issues.

Do you have a favourite business book, blog or podcast to recommend? Why?

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill.

Napoleon has conversations with the devil who shares how he uses his dark power from keeping us happy and successful. As abstract as that sounds it hits home in so many places and will motivate you to find your passion like no other book you’ll ever read.

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