Today we talk with entrepreneur, Soren Trampedach, founder of Work Club Global about diversity, the changing face of workplaces, creating a sense of community and more.

Hello! What’s your background, and what is your business?

A thought-leader on innovation and the new work culture, Soren has a strong business media profile and is a regular speaker at industry events. Additionally, Work Club was shortlisted for SMART 100’s top 100 most innovative companies of 2015 within just 9 months of opening.

Work Club is for people and organisations, large and small, who want to break free from the rigid, conventions of traditional working. Those who refuse to be chained to the same desk day in and day out. Who are not constrained by time or space. Who have freedom of movement, curiosity of mind and courage of spirit to transition effortlessly between work, life and leisure.

No matter where you are in the world, Work Club will be there with spaces to match your mood, services to ease your journey, people to inspire and energise, and conversations to spark creativity.

What motivated you to get started with Work Club Global?

The idea of Work Club was first penned in 2005. The idea is centred around diversity and not specifically on the physical space was we have created.

Florence, Italy was the centre of creativity and idea generation during the renaissance period. Leonardo DaVinci a key figure of this time was known to strategically surround himself many individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and trades as he believed this network elevated the quality of his work.

In a time where there is great disruption in the work place, I believe solutions and creativity is discovered when we surround and immerse ourselves in diversity.

Who is the ideal customer for Work Club Global? Why would they benefit?

Work Club do not have a specific or ideal customer. Whether you are a sole trader or a multinational organisation, all must apply to join the Work Club community. The application process allows Work Club to be selective about the industries and organisations we have in the space. One industry sector can not be over represented in the space so to ensure diversity in thought.

Work Club offer members an all inclusive business service, no hidden charges or costs involved utilising the space and the services. Members are also able to use the various event spaces to host and entertain, as a part of their exclusive membership to Work Club.

The key benefit outside of diversity is our ability to be flexible. Disruption in the work place has many looking for flexible options that don’t lock them into long term contracts. Small or large, as the business evolves the space will adapt to their needs.

A work place is simply an anchor to what Work Club provide. The space allows for more than business the be conducted.

Flexible workplaces, in their many forms, are no longer a fringe category. The sharing economy is now mainstream.

Looking back, how has your business evolved from initial idea to now?

Since creating the idea of Work Club in 2005 it has evolved and it continues to evolve.

The essence of diversity and bringing together a community that is connected and challenged is still at the core but Work Club is not driven by a map but a compass. I always try to explore what the future will look like in the next five to 10 years.

It is a never ending evolution and I am continuously learning through this process. As I open each new location I always discover new ways I can improve the next space.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

If you follow your passion, naturally I believe you will do well.
Don’t just be a dreamer, be realistic. Have courage and believe in yourself.
It’s scary but as equally liberating.
What’s the worst that can happen?

How do you market Work Club Global to attract new customers?

When we look at our data is word of mouth is the number one way we attract new customers.

We strongly believe and invest in our community to nurture, drive and encourage our members share their Work Club experience with others. We create opportunities for experiences that can be discussed and shared outside of the community and when you see our source of opportunity, you can see the investment we have made as a business into our members has worked!

What trends have you noticed in your industry, and how are you evolving to meet them?

Corporate and multi-national organisations are moving away from traditional office spaces and to meet their evolving needs Work Club have developed an industry leading Accommodation Alliance model that provides for an appropriate mix of Core, Core/Flex and Flex spaces, co-designed and hosted.

Driven by shortening business cycles and a fundamental change in the way people want to work, the property industry is on the cusp of a secular change.

Flexible workplaces, in their many forms, are no longer a fringe category. The sharing economy is now mainstream. Workplaces are a Service. It is the fastest growing segment of the market.

Work Club Global has developed a number of commercial risk/reward frameworks that can be tailored to suit each relationship and location. We welcome your interest in partnering with Work Club to gain access to the premium and corporate segments of the market.

What do you attribute your business success to?

The ongoing success of the business can be attributed to –

The growing Work Club Global team who are personally invested in the success of the business. I’ve encouraged each individual team member to take ownership and club managers (GM’s) of each location are encouraged to run the space as their own business, as an entrepreneur.

Secondly, our loyal members who share and evolve with our organisation.

Lastly, with each new location, it is essential for me to push the boundaries; “it’s a sin not to experiment”.

What is unique about your business?

Work Club was created as more than just a space. Our point of difference is that the space was created and designed with our key pillars in mind –
We’ve created a community.

EstablishedAugust 2014
LocationsElizabeth St, Sydney, NSW. Collins Street, Melbourne and Kent St, Sydney.